1st Jan 2015

Happy New Year everyone. So it’s now just over 7 weeks since my surgery. I haven’t posted many pics or updates lately and to be honesty that’s partly down to things being hectic at work but also the fact that there isn’t really any major change happening. The first 2-3 weeks really saw almost daily changes and improvements but it all seems to have settled down and I guess the changes will be gradual over the next several months.



As those who’ve read my earlier posts will know, I was using a little concealer on the eyes to cover up the scarring and redness. Since this week I haven’t bothered. It’s not that it’s now not noticeable but I think it’s at the stage that I can get away with it, I guess it just make it look like my eyes are a little sore. The scar from the mole by the eye is still visible but I think it’s flattened down a little. Will be interesting to hear Mr Shoaib’s thoughts when I see him on the 15th.

Anyway that’s it for now. Will try and do some close ups from the side this weekend.


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