Saturday 13th December

So turns out the dark patch was nothing to worry about. The clinic emailed back and said it was normal and would settle down and since I last posted, it already has.

Although nobody’s really cottoned on to the fact that I’ve had surgery, I should say that a few people have commented over the past week about my eyes looking sore. I’ve used the ‘dermatitis’ excuse and it seems to keep people off the scent. 🙂

I’m really looking forward to finishing work next Friday so I don’t have to wear the concealer any more. I guess its not a massive chore to use it, but I’ve noticed by late afternoon it sorted of starts to seperate and looks oily, leaving my eyelids lookinbg really greasy and kinda sore and I think thats part of whats promoted people to comment.  Really praying that by the time I go back after the Christmas break that I’ll be healed enough for no concealer at all.


Sat 13th Dec

BTW, I should also mention that the scar from the mole removal just below one of the eyes seems to be flattening out finally. Still wish I hadn’t gotten that mole removed due to the scarring, but its a positive step at least.  Don’t know if its all in my mind, or whether I just didn’t notice it as much previously, but I swear my lower lids are looking worse. Going to wait until I see Mr Shoaib for my follow up in January, but I think I might definitely get some kind of skin tightening treatment on them. 


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