A little worried ..

Okay, so I’m probably overly worrying, but I’m emailed the clinic this evening as I seem to have developed a dark patch on part of one of the lids and that has me concerned.


I only really noticed this last night. Previously while you could clearly still still see the scars (as you can still now) the bottom of the lids (near the lashes) themselves were a good consistent colour/tone, where as now one part looks a little bruised, deep purple-ish colour.

I’ll guess I’ll have to wait to see what Mr Shoaib comes back and says. I do wonder again if its to do with my sleeping. As you may recall, I mentioned that same eye/lid was a little swollen first thing in the mornings last week. I think thats subsided but now there is this dark patch. I have definitely caught myself sleeping face down a couple of nights (which I try to avoid for reasons related to some neck issues), maybe its something to do with the pressure its putting on the eyes.  I guess I should also mention  that I also noticed these past 2-3 days that I’d have fuzzy vision (only occasionally) when reading text from across the room (say text on TV screen) and as a result I stopped using the Dermatix and the ointment the last two nights as I was worried that perhaps it was seeping into my eyes and causing issues. Anyway, I’ll see what Mr Shoaib says and how things play out these next few days. I have also happen to have a general eye test booked on Sunday so if there is any reason concern I guess they would probably flag it up. Hopefully I’m just being super paranoid (again).


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