Subtle changes

Evening all. Haven’t posted for a few days as there isn’t a huge amount of change happening. The general redness around the area is definitely deminishing as time goes although the scar lines are still fairly evident if I close my lids. I’m just thankful for the concealer. Although saying that, outside of work I’m not really bothered about using the concealer and I headed out this past weekend with out anything on.

I also finally made it back to the gym yesterday. This was my first workout post surgery. Although it’s been 2 1/2 weeks and it’s probably safe to exercise again, I just did some light cardio. Going to restart resistant training (weights) later this week.

IMG_8081 IMG_8082

BTW, I’m still noticing that the left eye (my left) lid is still a little swollen in the mornings but seems to settle down during the day. Again, I’m putting this down to perhaps how I sleep.


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