Day 16

Evening all. So not a huge amount of change, but subtle improvements as the days go on.

Here are some pics from this evening.


Not sure why but I seem too loose the sharpness when I zoom the pic up to fill the page more. I’ll have to check my settings somewhere. Above pic is me without any concealer. Still got some slight swelling on the lids close to the eyelashes. Seems to be more evident in the mornings. I’m wondering if this is related to how I’m sleeping. Now sleeping fairly flat with one pillow (hated being propped the the first week) but the downside to sleeping how I use too is that I occasionally naturally try to sleep on my side which I think could be related to the swelling. Perhaps pressure on the side of the face? Anyway, I’m sure it will settle down.

Here are some close ups of each eye.

IMG_8039 IMG_8040

Still quite pinky, but from my perception there are definitely diminishing in how red/pinky they look and i find myself using a little less concealer, As you can see from the first pic, got some flaky skin on the end of the scar. Overall my skin is quite dry at the moment. I’m putting that down to the cold weather and indoor heating. Treatment wise I’ve only been putting the ointment in the corner of the eye (one that had that stye type spot in the corner), thats still there (although you can’t quite see above), but seems to be slowly going. Might put it on the lids tonight to help with the swelling.

I have to remind myself constantly that I’m only just over two weeks post surgery and for that such a short period, things are looking pretty good.  I think I mentioned in my last post that I might be concealer free by the end of next week-ish, but I think in reality it will probably be after Christmas. Thankfully I only have two weeks of work left after tomorrow and then I have 10 days off. So fingers crossed by the time I get back at the end of Dec I’ll be concealer free.

BTW, for those of you who have read my first intro post, you’ll know that I’m locking to get some other treatments done once the eyes are healed.  I think my next treatment is going to be Pelleve on my neck/jaw line and my lower eyes. My neck isn’t that bad but I definitely do have a little sagging of the skin. It was particularly evident last year when I lost quite a bit of weight. I’ve gained a bunch of weight again since then (I yo yo like Oprah in the 90s 🙂 ) so I’d like to get back down to my happy weight first and then get the neck done. That’ll probably be end of Jan/Feb. I’ll probably wait until about March until I do under the eyes as I want to ensure that the scar from the mole by the eye is fully healed before I start messing about with that area.


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