Day 14

Evening all, sorry there wasn’t a post yesterday, it was my first day back at work since the surgery and I got home late and was exhausted.

So did I get away with it? Pretty much. My colleague who sits next to me didn’t say anything at first but in the afternoon he said “so what have you had done” (as he knows I’m quite vain 🙂  ) So I said I’d had my mole removed by my nose and that seemed to pacify him, lol!  One girl did say my eyes looked a bit puffy but I just put it done to allergies and she bought that. I definitely wouldn’t have got away with it without the concealer though. Thankfully nobody seems to have noticed it yet, so I must have blended it in quite well.

Anyway, this was me this morning after applying the concealer.


7 am this morning (2nd Dec 2014)

As you can see, once of the eyelids looks a little puffy/swollen today. Not sure why? I did wake up in the middle of the night and realise I was sleeping face down so maybe the pressure on the lids caused some swelling? Either way, it seemed to settle down through out the day and tonight it looks less puffy.


IMG_8011 6:30 pm 2nd Dec 2014, without concealer

Pics above are from this evening without any concealer.  While putting on the concealer isn’t too much of a bother, I’m hopefully that by the end of next week the pinkness of the eyelids will have subsided enough to not have to apply anything to the lids themselves.

Still stressing a little about the scars on the outer part of the eye socket. I have started to massage them, although I suspect I was probably a little too vigorous last night (maybe the swelling this morning was related), so planning more ‘gentle’ massage going forward. Also, RichTea on the LookYourBestUK forum (who had the same surgery with Mr Shoaib) assures me that what feels a little bumpy/raised now should settle down and that he had the same concerns. With this in mind I’ll continue massaging gently daily with a little Bio Oil and then put some Dermatix on just before bed. I find the Dermatix doesn’t seem to dry properly so I’ve not been putting it on in the mornings.

One last thing. Since yesterday I have started taking Holland and Barrett Skin, Hair and Nail tablets and their Hydrolysed Collagen in the hopes that they will speed up or at least aid the healing process.


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