Sorry been at home in Wales for the last week for Christmas. Will do some updated pictures when I get back this weekend. BTW, I haven’t worn any concealer since the first night in Wales (I was out for a special occasion) and when I’ve mentioned to people about the surgery they have all commented that they wouldn’t have noticed and could really see anything scar wise unless I keep my eyelids closed.

It’s odd because it is quite a subtle surgery and I wasn’t looking that bad before. Part of me likes that they haven’t noticed (certainly the scars etc) while part of me wants someone to notice and say something. Hopefully even though it’s not standout noticeable, the overall effect is a more youthful look. Keen to have my follow up with Mr Shoaib in Jan and to hear his thoughts.


Saturday 13th December

So turns out the dark patch was nothing to worry about. The clinic emailed back and said it was normal and would settle down and since I last posted, it already has.

Although nobody’s really cottoned on to the fact that I’ve had surgery, I should say that a few people have commented over the past week about my eyes looking sore. I’ve used the ‘dermatitis’ excuse and it seems to keep people off the scent. 🙂

I’m really looking forward to finishing work next Friday so I don’t have to wear the concealer any more. I guess its not a massive chore to use it, but I’ve noticed by late afternoon it sorted of starts to seperate and looks oily, leaving my eyelids lookinbg really greasy and kinda sore and I think thats part of whats promoted people to comment.  Really praying that by the time I go back after the Christmas break that I’ll be healed enough for no concealer at all.


Sat 13th Dec

BTW, I should also mention that the scar from the mole removal just below one of the eyes seems to be flattening out finally. Still wish I hadn’t gotten that mole removed due to the scarring, but its a positive step at least.  Don’t know if its all in my mind, or whether I just didn’t notice it as much previously, but I swear my lower lids are looking worse. Going to wait until I see Mr Shoaib for my follow up in January, but I think I might definitely get some kind of skin tightening treatment on them. 

A little worried ..

Okay, so I’m probably overly worrying, but I’m emailed the clinic this evening as I seem to have developed a dark patch on part of one of the lids and that has me concerned.


I only really noticed this last night. Previously while you could clearly still still see the scars (as you can still now) the bottom of the lids (near the lashes) themselves were a good consistent colour/tone, where as now one part looks a little bruised, deep purple-ish colour.

I’ll guess I’ll have to wait to see what Mr Shoaib comes back and says. I do wonder again if its to do with my sleeping. As you may recall, I mentioned that same eye/lid was a little swollen first thing in the mornings last week. I think thats subsided but now there is this dark patch. I have definitely caught myself sleeping face down a couple of nights (which I try to avoid for reasons related to some neck issues), maybe its something to do with the pressure its putting on the eyes.  I guess I should also mention  that I also noticed these past 2-3 days that I’d have fuzzy vision (only occasionally) when reading text from across the room (say text on TV screen) and as a result I stopped using the Dermatix and the ointment the last two nights as I was worried that perhaps it was seeping into my eyes and causing issues. Anyway, I’ll see what Mr Shoaib says and how things play out these next few days. I have also happen to have a general eye test booked on Sunday so if there is any reason concern I guess they would probably flag it up. Hopefully I’m just being super paranoid (again).

Subtle changes

Evening all. Haven’t posted for a few days as there isn’t a huge amount of change happening. The general redness around the area is definitely deminishing as time goes although the scar lines are still fairly evident if I close my lids. I’m just thankful for the concealer. Although saying that, outside of work I’m not really bothered about using the concealer and I headed out this past weekend with out anything on.

I also finally made it back to the gym yesterday. This was my first workout post surgery. Although it’s been 2 1/2 weeks and it’s probably safe to exercise again, I just did some light cardio. Going to restart resistant training (weights) later this week.

IMG_8081 IMG_8082

BTW, I’m still noticing that the left eye (my left) lid is still a little swollen in the mornings but seems to settle down during the day. Again, I’m putting this down to perhaps how I sleep.

Day 16

Evening all. So not a huge amount of change, but subtle improvements as the days go on.

Here are some pics from this evening.


Not sure why but I seem too loose the sharpness when I zoom the pic up to fill the page more. I’ll have to check my settings somewhere. Above pic is me without any concealer. Still got some slight swelling on the lids close to the eyelashes. Seems to be more evident in the mornings. I’m wondering if this is related to how I’m sleeping. Now sleeping fairly flat with one pillow (hated being propped the the first week) but the downside to sleeping how I use too is that I occasionally naturally try to sleep on my side which I think could be related to the swelling. Perhaps pressure on the side of the face? Anyway, I’m sure it will settle down.

Here are some close ups of each eye.

IMG_8039 IMG_8040

Still quite pinky, but from my perception there are definitely diminishing in how red/pinky they look and i find myself using a little less concealer, As you can see from the first pic, got some flaky skin on the end of the scar. Overall my skin is quite dry at the moment. I’m putting that down to the cold weather and indoor heating. Treatment wise I’ve only been putting the ointment in the corner of the eye (one that had that stye type spot in the corner), thats still there (although you can’t quite see above), but seems to be slowly going. Might put it on the lids tonight to help with the swelling.

I have to remind myself constantly that I’m only just over two weeks post surgery and for that such a short period, things are looking pretty good.  I think I mentioned in my last post that I might be concealer free by the end of next week-ish, but I think in reality it will probably be after Christmas. Thankfully I only have two weeks of work left after tomorrow and then I have 10 days off. So fingers crossed by the time I get back at the end of Dec I’ll be concealer free.

BTW, for those of you who have read my first intro post, you’ll know that I’m locking to get some other treatments done once the eyes are healed.  I think my next treatment is going to be Pelleve on my neck/jaw line and my lower eyes. My neck isn’t that bad but I definitely do have a little sagging of the skin. It was particularly evident last year when I lost quite a bit of weight. I’ve gained a bunch of weight again since then (I yo yo like Oprah in the 90s 🙂 ) so I’d like to get back down to my happy weight first and then get the neck done. That’ll probably be end of Jan/Feb. I’ll probably wait until about March until I do under the eyes as I want to ensure that the scar from the mole by the eye is fully healed before I start messing about with that area.

Day 14

Evening all, sorry there wasn’t a post yesterday, it was my first day back at work since the surgery and I got home late and was exhausted.

So did I get away with it? Pretty much. My colleague who sits next to me didn’t say anything at first but in the afternoon he said “so what have you had done” (as he knows I’m quite vain 🙂  ) So I said I’d had my mole removed by my nose and that seemed to pacify him, lol!  One girl did say my eyes looked a bit puffy but I just put it done to allergies and she bought that. I definitely wouldn’t have got away with it without the concealer though. Thankfully nobody seems to have noticed it yet, so I must have blended it in quite well.

Anyway, this was me this morning after applying the concealer.


7 am this morning (2nd Dec 2014)

As you can see, once of the eyelids looks a little puffy/swollen today. Not sure why? I did wake up in the middle of the night and realise I was sleeping face down so maybe the pressure on the lids caused some swelling? Either way, it seemed to settle down through out the day and tonight it looks less puffy.


IMG_8011 6:30 pm 2nd Dec 2014, without concealer

Pics above are from this evening without any concealer.  While putting on the concealer isn’t too much of a bother, I’m hopefully that by the end of next week the pinkness of the eyelids will have subsided enough to not have to apply anything to the lids themselves.

Still stressing a little about the scars on the outer part of the eye socket. I have started to massage them, although I suspect I was probably a little too vigorous last night (maybe the swelling this morning was related), so planning more ‘gentle’ massage going forward. Also, RichTea on the LookYourBestUK forum (who had the same surgery with Mr Shoaib) assures me that what feels a little bumpy/raised now should settle down and that he had the same concerns. With this in mind I’ll continue massaging gently daily with a little Bio Oil and then put some Dermatix on just before bed. I find the Dermatix doesn’t seem to dry properly so I’ve not been putting it on in the mornings.

One last thing. Since yesterday I have started taking Holland and Barrett Skin, Hair and Nail tablets and their Hydrolysed Collagen in the hopes that they will speed up or at least aid the healing process.