Day 12

Evening all, well day 12 and no real change from yesterday. This is my front one pic from 5 mins ago.


As promised I’ve taken some pics with and without concealer. Here are the comparison shots.


Left eye without concealer


Left eye with concealer


Right eye without concealer


Right eye with concealer

Now as some of you may notice I probably put a little too much in the socket of the eye and its evident in the left eye picture so I’ll have to be careful to make sure its blended in properly tomorrow morning.

Starting to stress a little today about the scar tissue that seems to be forming. As you can clearly see above, with the better eye, on the end of the scar its like a raised bump/simple. I’m really hoping this will flatten with the use of the scar gel, massage and some Bio Oil.


Bio Oil, 60 ml

Speaking of Bio Oil, I started using this today. I had a small bottle of Bio Oil from a freebie at an event about 2 years back and never used it so thats finally come in handy. Being an oil its also good for using when massaging the area.

I think the plan going forward will be to use the Bio Oil for massaging, the Dermatix in the morning before work (and before I put on a little concealer) and then a 2nd application of Dermatix just before bed. As everything looks fairly healed, I’m only putting the Ointment in the corner (where I had the discharge previously) and a little on the lids. Hoping the red bit in the corner of the left eye settles as looking normal soon. I hope it becoming raised (with puss) during the first week hasn’t resulted in a permanent mark/redness.

Okay thats about it, I’m back in work tomorrow. Big question is whether I’ll get away with it. One of the guys who sits next to me is already suspicious that I might have had something done (Botox or fillers more so than surgery) so it will be interesting to see whether I can fool him.


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