Day 11

Okay, first up I just realised that I’d mixed my days up and yesterday was Day 10, so I’ve edited yesterday’s post to correct that.

So lets get started with today’s picture. This is me about 8am this morning. Still some swelling on the lids and still have the blemish and the raised bit in the corner so not really much difference to yesterday. After the rapid changes of the last week I think changes going forward will be more subtle.


Just realised I haven’t posted any pictures with my eyes closed. As you can see the scars are much more obvious when my eyes are closed and as mentioned, one eye has more going on that the other. Even so, I think for a week and a half after surgery its pretty good.


Although I suggested yesterday I would wait until Sunday to decide above any make-up to cover things up, I came to the conclusion today that I’m not going to get away doing nothing if I’m to turn up in work on Monday and not get a zillion questions.

I was already planning to head into the West End to get some Dermatix, so decided I’d try and sort some concealer at the same time.


Got the Dermatix at Boots. Its fairly expensive at £29.99 for just a 15ml tube but having spent £2050 (£1500 for the eyes, £550 for the moles) on the surgery, now isn’t the time to quibble over £30. At least I got 120 Boots points with it 🙂

I also wanted some type of concealer. Really didn’t know where to start so I went into John Lewis hoping to get some independent advice on which would be the best concealer for me but its all seemed to be individual concession stands (i.e Clinique, Clarins, etc) so I landed up just speaking to one of the girls at the Clinique counter and we tried out a eye concealer and it looked really good and blended in really well so I went with that. Concealer was £14.85 (10% off today, normally £16.50).

BTW, tried the Dermatix tonight. I think I must have used a little too much (although I really did try to use very little) as even after 10 mins or so it was still tacky/sticky in the area which according to the info online, you’ve put too much on. I guess it’s trial and error. Need to figure it out though as I need it to dry properly so I can add the concealer on top of it from Monday.

One thing I’ve been meaning to mention, I’ve noticed that the Chloramphenicol give me a bit of cloudy/blurry vision at times (In have to blink a little to almost clear it). Its an eye ointment so I’m not worried, but I guess the excess is probably collecting in the corner of my eye. I’ll have to try and use less of it to see if that helps.

Okay, thats about it from me for today.  I’ll try and do a before and after pic with the concealer tomorrow so you can see the difference.


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