Day 10

Sorry, no Day 9 update. I was out most of the day yesterday and exhausted by the time we got home.

Lets start with some pics from this morning (Fri 28th November)


As you see, its all starting to normalise. Still some swelling in the eyelids if you compare it to pre-survey, but I guess they may take another week or so to go back fully to normal.

You can’t really see it properly in the pic above but there is still a blemish above the eyelid on the left eye (right on screen), this and the scar below the eye plus the red bit in the corner of that eye by the nose kinda draw attention to that eye. Hopeful that the blemish will at least be gone by Monday. Still considering some type of concealer for work on Monday. Going to leave it until Sunday to decide.

As promised in my last post I’ve taken some close up pics of the eyes and scars.

First two are pre-op, then the rest are post op.

IMG_7687IMG_7688   IMG_7863 IMG_7867 IMG_7885  IMG_7886

IMG_7887 IMG_7891

I should mention that I have my eyes wide open in some of those so you can see the scars. Looking normally in a mirrors they really don’t look too bad. Only one I’m really bothered about its the mole scar under the eye. I really wish now I hadn’t done that. I’m now it will fade a lot in the next few months but right now, I’m kicking myself as its bigger than I thought it would be and it draws attention to the eye and its also the eye that has the blemish above it, etc.

Next plan of action is to start working on reducing the scars. Clinic has said I can start massaging them and I’m planning on getting some Dermatix silicone scar gel tomorrow (£29.99 in Boots). Main focus is the mole scar by the eye but also on the eyelids, although I’m supposed to use the antibiotic cream for a week or two so I think I’ll keep using that on the eyelids for now and just put the Dermatix on the mole scar under the eye.



    1. No problem, that’s exactly why I wanted to do the blog. I was also quite scared to do it and couldn’t find a great deal out there about what to expect except for the general info on the surgeons and clinics websites.



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