Day 8

So its officially one week since I had my upper eyelid surgery and mole removal.

Had a 9:30 am appointment today at 152 Harley Street to get the stitches out. I was so excited to get them out yet anxious that it was going to be painful removing the stitches. Thankfully it proved less painful that I had anticipated. The eye stitches were pretty painless, the mole areas actually hurt more, particularly the one about an inch to the side of my nose.

Here is a shot just after she removed the stitches and while I was still laying on the bed.


As you can see, still look like I’ve been a couple of rounds with Chris Brown, but much better without the tape, stitches, etc. Still a little scabbing under the eye (from the small mole removal) but thats come away tonight when I wiped the area.

I know I have another 5 days before I go back to work but I’m not convinced (yet) that I’ll get away with it. Depending on how visible the scars are on Sat/Sun I might pop out and get some concealer to try and hide any obvious scars.

Speaking of scars, you can’t really seem them perhaps clearly in the picture but I have a pink like coming out of each side of the eye (he did say he may need to take it out side the eye socket because of the skin fold). I’m hoping this will fade substantially over time. I’ll try and pop some close up pics tomorrow so that you can see some of the scarring more clearly. One I’m most concerned about now is the scar from the small mole I removed near my eye. Its now a quite obvious scar and much more noticeable that the actual small mole that was. Perhaps think things looks a little exaggerated as I have Chloramphenicol cream (given to me by the nurse) on the area. I’, meant to rub on all the areas for the next week or two. Its antibiotic cream and said it would clear any problems like the little infected spot I was worried about yesterday. Only downside is it does’t seem to absorb into the skin so it stays kinda shinny on the skin and sort of emphasises the scars.


Pic about is from this evening. My right eye (left in pic) is much less noticeable I think, annoyingly on the other side i have a combo of issue. The little raise bit in the corner that had a little discharge yesterday, some bruising or red ness above the eyelid and the scar from the mole removal just below it. You can also see I still have a tinge of yellow under the eyes. I’m confident the bruising will at least be gone by Monday though.

Okay thats it from me today. I’ll try and post some sharper pictures tomorrow, particularly of the scars.


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