Day 7

Okay, first up, just before bed last night I noticed I had a sort of cyst little raised bit in the corner of one eyes.


This has me a little worried, A) incase it was an infection and B) incase it didn’t go away.  On closer inspection today I could see its where the stitch for that eye exits and this morning there was a little discharge. Worried about a possible infection I emailed some pics to the clinic and also booked into my GP in case I needed antibiotics.

While waiting to hear back from the clinic I lightly wiped it with a tissue and a that prompted some more (very little) discharge. After that it seemed less bulbous (pic above is after some discharge came out).

Clinic responded back this afternoon and said it didn’t look like a nasty infection but suggested that I use a cotton bud and clean it (with cooled boiled water) and then the nurse (who removes the stitches tomorrow) would clean it and give me something for it if she had any concerns. That calmed my fears and then this evening I saw the GP and he wasn’t worried.

Just before typing up this post I wiped it a little with a cotton bud as suggested, but didn’t see any discharge. Its definitely gone down from what it was last night. Hopefully once the stitch comes out tomorrow it’ll all settle down.

Anyway, I’m going to chill and watch TV now, so here is my picture for the day. This is from about 7:00pm tonight.


Still a little more swelling on one of the eye lids compared to the other, but I can definatey see an improvement.  The real test of how I look will be tomorrow once all the stitches and plasters/tapes come off.


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