Day 6

Can’t believe its almost a week already. Anyway, lets get started with a picture from this morning.


09:00 am Mon 24th November 2014

Again I look at the pictures when I upload them online and can’t always see the improvement that I see in person. I was out of the house for several hours today and with the exception of when I was in the street I didn’t wear my sun glasses (it was a lovely sunny day so could get away with the sun glasses for once). My mum commented that she could see the bruising more in daylight and looking at myself in some department store mirrors it was quite evident too. As with the last few times I’ve been out, I’m getting lots of looks.

Pet peeve today is definately the sticky micro tape and the stitches, they are both ever so slightly loose/moving causing an itch sensation and therefore a desire to touch/rub the area. I really am counting down the hours until 9:30 am on Wed morning when I get the stitches removed.

As per the post op instructions I still haven’t washed the area and I’m still sleeping with my head elevated. I did email La Belle Frome today to double check about not cleaning the area (as one or two people have asked) and about sleeping and they said not to clean it until the stitches come out. They were a bit vague about the head elevation saying they advise you “sleep with your head elevated for the first few days”  but they didn’t say it was fine to stop doing that now which is what I guess I really wanted them to say. To reduce the risk of slowing down the de-swelling, I’m going to try sleep as I have done since the surgery until after the stitches come out… and that about wraps us up for today.


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