Day 5

Well its Day 5 already, although just 4 full days post surgery. Lets start of with my morning picture.


As you can see the tape between the nose is starting to detach and one of the side tapes is coming loose a little too. Wiped around the T zone area with a wet wipe today to try clean the skin and remove the natural oils so that the tape would stick again. That and then some extra tape I had at home seemed to do the trick. Bruising has definitely kicked in now. Thankfully it never got to the black eye stage, but I have that kinda yellow/green tinge that you get as a black eye starts to fade.

Looking at the uploaded pictures the lids look more swollen than in person, at least IMHO. Don’t get me wrong, they are definitely swollen but other than the annoying tape/stiches and tightness they don’t feel really sore or uncomfortable. In fact, as mentioned in previous posts, I have zero pain and thats pretty much been the case since I woke up the day after surgery. Still have the urge to touch them as I get the occasional itch, but its been better today now that the loose tape isn’t flailing about.

Was originally planning a day out at an exhibition today, but the weather was so rubbish (it literally hasn’t stopped raining all day) we decided not to bother and so its been another day of just chilling out. Planning to head out properly into public tomorrow. Will probably wear the glasses while outside, but in the stores, restaurant, etc I plan to take them off. I have to admit I kinda like all the attention 🙂

Okay, before I wrap up today’s post, here is a 2nd pic for today that I took about 5:30 pm this evening. Don’t know if it the lighting but bruising looks more prominent this evening.

BTW for anyone who’s noticed the stitches on one side under the eye, thats where the surgeon also removed a small mole.


Taken at 5:30 pm this evening.


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