Day 3

So Day 3 and not a huge change from yesterday.


Bruising is slowly kicking in. Not massively so, but notice skin under the eyes is getting that yellowish bruised colour. Again no real pain today just the annoyance of the tightness of the skins and the stitches etc. Swelling is about the same I think as last night.

As per post op instructions I haven’t wet or washed the area/my face. Have to be honest this is one of the most annoying things. I shower daily so not being able to wash my face and hair feels really gross. I did shower today but lowered it so that I only washed below neck. So can’t wait for next Wed when the stitches comes out and I can wash as normal again.

I also popped to the doctors today to get a prescription refill but took it as an opportunity to have the doctors check me out post surgery. She said it all looked good which was comforting. Overall i’m feeling fine.


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