Day 2

So lets start with a picture from the morning of the day after surgery.


So as you can see the swelling has kicked in a little today. Mainly just the eyelids themselves. Despite some pain on the first night after the local anaesthetic wore off I didn’t really wake up with any pain, just with the urge to give my eyes a good wipe as they felt like I had all that sleep crusty stuff you get in your eyes sometimes, but ten folder. Anyway, I wiped the bottom very gentle with a tissue to get rid of any crap that had built up. Other than the gunk build up, the only other real annoyance is the feeling that my eyes are a little tight/restricted. For example its difficult to look up with just my eyes, you kinda need to move your head too as you can feel it pulling on the skin.

The rest of day 2 was pretty much fine. Seem to have a little discharge at time, but I it was clear so I think it would more my eyes watering a little rather than blood or anything. Did get the odd sensation at times to want to wipe or rub the eyes and sometimes had a slight itch, but on each time I’d just gentle use a tissue on the area almost just brushing the tissue over the area (very lightly) was enough to provide some relief.

Here is the end of day 2 picture. As you can see, I have some bruising starting to come out beneath both eyes, more so on one side.

IMG_7716 - Version 2


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