Surgery – Day 1 (19th Nov)

D-day or should that be S for surgery day. Very early start to the day. Set my alarm for 5:00 am to get my morning flight from London to Glasgow. Annoyingly most of the flights seem to be around 7-8am or noon so I figured safer to get a morning flight and have a wonder around Glasgow.

Flight arrived on time and I got the Glasgow shuttle into the city and then had a wonder around, had a light lunch as suggested and then headed to the clinic. Just before I got to the clinic I took a diazapam to clam me down. I arrived at about 2:30 pm and although I wasn’t booked in until 3:00 pm, Dr Shoaib called me through about 2:45 pm. Despite the tablet, I was still feeling anxious. Maybe I should have taken a high dose. Anyway I went through and Mr Shoaib had me read through and sign the release form. He then took some before pics (below) and then drew on my face where he needed to cut. I quickly popped to the toilet and then we started.

IMG_7686 - Version 2

He started on my eyes, injecting the local anaesthetic, that was a little sting, but not really painful. It quickly numbed area and then he started cutting. It certainly is a weird feeling to have someone operating on your eyelids while you are awake. On the plus side it was all over very quickly. I don’t think it took more than 25 mins for both eyes and the two moles. Surgery finished I felt fine but vision was a little blurry at first simply because area had been numbed up, but I sat outside and had a cup of tea but then 20 mins later felt ready to leave.


The shot above is 5 mins after surgery.

At about 3:45 pm I left and I headed right back to the airport. Annoyingly my flight wasn’t until 7:00 pm so I had to hang around at the airport. By about 5pm the anaesthetic was wearing off and my eyes were stinging a little. So I popped some painkillers and that helped. They did mention some possibly bleeding and I had some weeping of blood back and fore for a few hours. They recommended using tissues on the area and compressing it for 5-15 mins to stop the bleeding but that was awkward to do in the middle of the airport so I was keen to get home. Thankfully the bleeding wasn’t serve, but it was still annoying and I was starting to feel a little down with the pain, bleeding and being stuck in the airport. It didn’t help that my flight also landed up being delayed an hour. I finally got home around 10:30 pm and went straight to bed.

Just before I went to sleep I took a final picture for the day. This was about 8 hrs after surgery.

IMG_7711 - Version 2


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