So I figured it would be fun to track and share my transformation over the next year or two.

A little background before we get started …

I’m a 46 year old guy living in London. For many years people always assumed I was younger than I am and I definitely got a bit of a buzz out of that. Then, probably around my 41st Birthday I really started to notice more fine lines (especially around my eyes when I smiled) blemishes, sun damage etc and just a general deterioration of my skin.

I probably started considering getting some work done as I was turning 40, but it was always a ‘one day’ thing. But then this summer, after years of considering it, I also went head and got braces and so began what I consider to be the start of my transformation.

I say transformation but I liken it more to a restoration project. Not so much about changing how I look but restoring my skin/face back to how it was when I was back in my early 30s.

As mentioned I started with the braces and knowing that I would be in an ‘ugly duckling ‘ phase with those for 18-24 months,  I figured now was the time to get any other work done too.

On top of my ‘problem areas’ list were my eyes. My lower eyes aren’t actually too bad and for my age I don’t really have bags, but on my uppers I definitely had some hooding on the outer half of each eye that contributed to that ‘getting older’ look and I really started to notice this in pictures over the past few years.

After some research (Googling,  LookYourBestUK forum), I found Mr Shoaib at La Belle Frome in Glasgow. I booked in a consolation in London in early Sept and I instantly liked him. He was open and honest. I went in with a list of possible areas to discuss but he suggested I didn’t need most of them. For example, I mentioned refining my nose tip as I’ve always hated my profile but he said my nose suited my face and if I wanted to improve my profile, we could do  a little filler in my chin (have a slightly weak chin). In terms of the eyes, which was the main reason for the consult, he felt I could benefit from getting my upper eyes done, but didn’t recommend surgery on my lower eyes at this time, but suggested skin tightening me give me the result I wanted.

Anyway I left feeling confident that he was the doctor for me and after a week thinking about it, I went ahead and booked in for my upper eyes on Wed 19th November. I saw Mr Shoaib again in London for another consult before my surgery to also discuss some mole removal and we agreed to this and that he would remove two moles at the same time as I had my eyes done.

That bring us up to surgery day for my upper eyes and moles .. which I’ll post fully about (with pics) tomorrow. I plan to also take daily pictures so everyone can see the healing process.


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