Day 12

Evening all, well day 12 and no real change from yesterday. This is my front one pic from 5 mins ago.


As promised I’ve taken some pics with and without concealer. Here are the comparison shots.


Left eye without concealer


Left eye with concealer


Right eye without concealer


Right eye with concealer

Now as some of you may notice I probably put a little too much in the socket of the eye and its evident in the left eye picture so I’ll have to be careful to make sure its blended in properly tomorrow morning.

Starting to stress a little today about the scar tissue that seems to be forming. As you can clearly see above, with the better eye, on the end of the scar its like a raised bump/simple. I’m really hoping this will flatten with the use of the scar gel, massage and some Bio Oil.


Bio Oil, 60 ml

Speaking of Bio Oil, I started using this today. I had a small bottle of Bio Oil from a freebie at an event about 2 years back and never used it so thats finally come in handy. Being an oil its also good for using when massaging the area.

I think the plan going forward will be to use the Bio Oil for massaging, the Dermatix in the morning before work (and before I put on a little concealer) and then a 2nd application of Dermatix just before bed. As everything looks fairly healed, I’m only putting the Ointment in the corner (where I had the discharge previously) and a little on the lids. Hoping the red bit in the corner of the left eye settles as looking normal soon. I hope it becoming raised (with puss) during the first week hasn’t resulted in a permanent mark/redness.

Okay thats about it, I’m back in work tomorrow. Big question is whether I’ll get away with it. One of the guys who sits next to me is already suspicious that I might have had something done (Botox or fillers more so than surgery) so it will be interesting to see whether I can fool him.


Day 11

Okay, first up I just realised that I’d mixed my days up and yesterday was Day 10, so I’ve edited yesterday’s post to correct that.

So lets get started with today’s picture. This is me about 8am this morning. Still some swelling on the lids and still have the blemish and the raised bit in the corner so not really much difference to yesterday. After the rapid changes of the last week I think changes going forward will be more subtle.


Just realised I haven’t posted any pictures with my eyes closed. As you can see the scars are much more obvious when my eyes are closed and as mentioned, one eye has more going on that the other. Even so, I think for a week and a half after surgery its pretty good.


Although I suggested yesterday I would wait until Sunday to decide above any make-up to cover things up, I came to the conclusion today that I’m not going to get away doing nothing if I’m to turn up in work on Monday and not get a zillion questions.

I was already planning to head into the West End to get some Dermatix, so decided I’d try and sort some concealer at the same time.


Got the Dermatix at Boots. Its fairly expensive at £29.99 for just a 15ml tube but having spent £2050 (£1500 for the eyes, £550 for the moles) on the surgery, now isn’t the time to quibble over £30. At least I got 120 Boots points with it 🙂

I also wanted some type of concealer. Really didn’t know where to start so I went into John Lewis hoping to get some independent advice on which would be the best concealer for me but its all seemed to be individual concession stands (i.e Clinique, Clarins, etc) so I landed up just speaking to one of the girls at the Clinique counter and we tried out a eye concealer and it looked really good and blended in really well so I went with that. Concealer was £14.85 (10% off today, normally £16.50).

BTW, tried the Dermatix tonight. I think I must have used a little too much (although I really did try to use very little) as even after 10 mins or so it was still tacky/sticky in the area which according to the info online, you’ve put too much on. I guess it’s trial and error. Need to figure it out though as I need it to dry properly so I can add the concealer on top of it from Monday.

One thing I’ve been meaning to mention, I’ve noticed that the Chloramphenicol give me a bit of cloudy/blurry vision at times (In have to blink a little to almost clear it). Its an eye ointment so I’m not worried, but I guess the excess is probably collecting in the corner of my eye. I’ll have to try and use less of it to see if that helps.

Okay, thats about it from me for today.  I’ll try and do a before and after pic with the concealer tomorrow so you can see the difference.

Day 10

Sorry, no Day 9 update. I was out most of the day yesterday and exhausted by the time we got home.

Lets start with some pics from this morning (Fri 28th November)


As you see, its all starting to normalise. Still some swelling in the eyelids if you compare it to pre-survey, but I guess they may take another week or so to go back fully to normal.

You can’t really see it properly in the pic above but there is still a blemish above the eyelid on the left eye (right on screen), this and the scar below the eye plus the red bit in the corner of that eye by the nose kinda draw attention to that eye. Hopeful that the blemish will at least be gone by Monday. Still considering some type of concealer for work on Monday. Going to leave it until Sunday to decide.

As promised in my last post I’ve taken some close up pics of the eyes and scars.

First two are pre-op, then the rest are post op.

IMG_7687IMG_7688   IMG_7863 IMG_7867 IMG_7885  IMG_7886

IMG_7887 IMG_7891

I should mention that I have my eyes wide open in some of those so you can see the scars. Looking normally in a mirrors they really don’t look too bad. Only one I’m really bothered about its the mole scar under the eye. I really wish now I hadn’t done that. I’m now it will fade a lot in the next few months but right now, I’m kicking myself as its bigger than I thought it would be and it draws attention to the eye and its also the eye that has the blemish above it, etc.

Next plan of action is to start working on reducing the scars. Clinic has said I can start massaging them and I’m planning on getting some Dermatix silicone scar gel tomorrow (£29.99 in Boots). Main focus is the mole scar by the eye but also on the eyelids, although I’m supposed to use the antibiotic cream for a week or two so I think I’ll keep using that on the eyelids for now and just put the Dermatix on the mole scar under the eye.

Day 8

So its officially one week since I had my upper eyelid surgery and mole removal.

Had a 9:30 am appointment today at 152 Harley Street to get the stitches out. I was so excited to get them out yet anxious that it was going to be painful removing the stitches. Thankfully it proved less painful that I had anticipated. The eye stitches were pretty painless, the mole areas actually hurt more, particularly the one about an inch to the side of my nose.

Here is a shot just after she removed the stitches and while I was still laying on the bed.


As you can see, still look like I’ve been a couple of rounds with Chris Brown, but much better without the tape, stitches, etc. Still a little scabbing under the eye (from the small mole removal) but thats come away tonight when I wiped the area.

I know I have another 5 days before I go back to work but I’m not convinced (yet) that I’ll get away with it. Depending on how visible the scars are on Sat/Sun I might pop out and get some concealer to try and hide any obvious scars.

Speaking of scars, you can’t really seem them perhaps clearly in the picture but I have a pink like coming out of each side of the eye (he did say he may need to take it out side the eye socket because of the skin fold). I’m hoping this will fade substantially over time. I’ll try and pop some close up pics tomorrow so that you can see some of the scarring more clearly. One I’m most concerned about now is the scar from the small mole I removed near my eye. Its now a quite obvious scar and much more noticeable that the actual small mole that was. Perhaps think things looks a little exaggerated as I have Chloramphenicol cream (given to me by the nurse) on the area. I’, meant to rub on all the areas for the next week or two. Its antibiotic cream and said it would clear any problems like the little infected spot I was worried about yesterday. Only downside is it does’t seem to absorb into the skin so it stays kinda shinny on the skin and sort of emphasises the scars.


Pic about is from this evening. My right eye (left in pic) is much less noticeable I think, annoyingly on the other side i have a combo of issue. The little raise bit in the corner that had a little discharge yesterday, some bruising or red ness above the eyelid and the scar from the mole removal just below it. You can also see I still have a tinge of yellow under the eyes. I’m confident the bruising will at least be gone by Monday though.

Okay thats it from me today. I’ll try and post some sharper pictures tomorrow, particularly of the scars.

Day 7

Okay, first up, just before bed last night I noticed I had a sort of cyst little raised bit in the corner of one eyes.


This has me a little worried, A) incase it was an infection and B) incase it didn’t go away.  On closer inspection today I could see its where the stitch for that eye exits and this morning there was a little discharge. Worried about a possible infection I emailed some pics to the clinic and also booked into my GP in case I needed antibiotics.

While waiting to hear back from the clinic I lightly wiped it with a tissue and a that prompted some more (very little) discharge. After that it seemed less bulbous (pic above is after some discharge came out).

Clinic responded back this afternoon and said it didn’t look like a nasty infection but suggested that I use a cotton bud and clean it (with cooled boiled water) and then the nurse (who removes the stitches tomorrow) would clean it and give me something for it if she had any concerns. That calmed my fears and then this evening I saw the GP and he wasn’t worried.

Just before typing up this post I wiped it a little with a cotton bud as suggested, but didn’t see any discharge. Its definitely gone down from what it was last night. Hopefully once the stitch comes out tomorrow it’ll all settle down.

Anyway, I’m going to chill and watch TV now, so here is my picture for the day. This is from about 7:00pm tonight.


Still a little more swelling on one of the eye lids compared to the other, but I can definatey see an improvement.  The real test of how I look will be tomorrow once all the stitches and plasters/tapes come off.

Day 6

Can’t believe its almost a week already. Anyway, lets get started with a picture from this morning.


09:00 am Mon 24th November 2014

Again I look at the pictures when I upload them online and can’t always see the improvement that I see in person. I was out of the house for several hours today and with the exception of when I was in the street I didn’t wear my sun glasses (it was a lovely sunny day so could get away with the sun glasses for once). My mum commented that she could see the bruising more in daylight and looking at myself in some department store mirrors it was quite evident too. As with the last few times I’ve been out, I’m getting lots of looks.

Pet peeve today is definately the sticky micro tape and the stitches, they are both ever so slightly loose/moving causing an itch sensation and therefore a desire to touch/rub the area. I really am counting down the hours until 9:30 am on Wed morning when I get the stitches removed.

As per the post op instructions I still haven’t washed the area and I’m still sleeping with my head elevated. I did email La Belle Frome today to double check about not cleaning the area (as one or two people have asked) and about sleeping and they said not to clean it until the stitches come out. They were a bit vague about the head elevation saying they advise you “sleep with your head elevated for the first few days”  but they didn’t say it was fine to stop doing that now which is what I guess I really wanted them to say. To reduce the risk of slowing down the de-swelling, I’m going to try sleep as I have done since the surgery until after the stitches come out… and that about wraps us up for today.

Day 5

Well its Day 5 already, although just 4 full days post surgery. Lets start of with my morning picture.


As you can see the tape between the nose is starting to detach and one of the side tapes is coming loose a little too. Wiped around the T zone area with a wet wipe today to try clean the skin and remove the natural oils so that the tape would stick again. That and then some extra tape I had at home seemed to do the trick. Bruising has definitely kicked in now. Thankfully it never got to the black eye stage, but I have that kinda yellow/green tinge that you get as a black eye starts to fade.

Looking at the uploaded pictures the lids look more swollen than in person, at least IMHO. Don’t get me wrong, they are definitely swollen but other than the annoying tape/stiches and tightness they don’t feel really sore or uncomfortable. In fact, as mentioned in previous posts, I have zero pain and thats pretty much been the case since I woke up the day after surgery. Still have the urge to touch them as I get the occasional itch, but its been better today now that the loose tape isn’t flailing about.

Was originally planning a day out at an exhibition today, but the weather was so rubbish (it literally hasn’t stopped raining all day) we decided not to bother and so its been another day of just chilling out. Planning to head out properly into public tomorrow. Will probably wear the glasses while outside, but in the stores, restaurant, etc I plan to take them off. I have to admit I kinda like all the attention 🙂

Okay, before I wrap up today’s post, here is a 2nd pic for today that I took about 5:30 pm this evening. Don’t know if it the lighting but bruising looks more prominent this evening.

BTW for anyone who’s noticed the stitches on one side under the eye, thats where the surgeon also removed a small mole.


Taken at 5:30 pm this evening.